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Are you a costumer/sewer/crafter from the NY metro Area?

Tired of being on the wrong coast to attend GBACG type workshops? Or finding a really neat group of sewers online and realizing that their next get-together is in San Francisco? Wishing for a local friendly group of costumers to work with outside of your own group of friends?

Sick of knowing you're a Metrocard away from some of the best fabric and notions in the country but not knowing were to get off the subway? Eager to make the best of all the incredible resources New York holds for those of us with some creativity pumping through our veins and a strange tie to our sewing machines?

I created this community in an attempt to bring together some of the costumers in the Metropolitan New York area (and anyone willing to travel here) to foster creativity, share ideas, and hopefully develop a group of friendly peers who share in the joy of their craft.

All periods and styles of costume (and sewing really) are welcome, from prehistoric to far future, perfectly documented period to fantastical fetish. Please however cut tag and clearly label all questionable photographs as this community was created to be as accessable and user friendly as possible.

All the usual community rules apply, be excellent to each other, dont flame, use cut tags with images and large entries (please! seriously!), keep on topic, you know, the usual stuff.

How to do an LJ-Cut.
How to link an image.
How to link to another site.

Your moderator is a stickler for neat communities and WILL delete offending comments, though unless the comment is somehow horribly offensive you will be given the opportunity to fix it yourself in a timely fashion.

Since this is a community based on fostering new creativity, not pimping the creativity of others... absolutely no auction posts that are not for materials. Completed item auction posts WILL be deleted. Tell us about what you made, feel free to gloat even. If in the process of this you offer an item for sale so be it, but ABSOLUTELY NO posts for the sole purpose of selling items.

Moderators: carapax and sterlingspider (who are the same person anyway).
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