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Feb. 8th, 2005 @ 06:14 am Hello? ((((echo))) (((echo))) (((echo)))
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Hey everyone, I am sterlingspider, the alter ego of carapax, the original creator and Mod of this community. I will likely be dissolving that LJ soon and so I have transferred moderator-ship to this username.

As most of you have probably noticed it's pretty dead around here, and that's more then a bit sad. I'd really like to get this community back up and going strong. Unfortunately as a person who doesn’t like to Spam other communities with "join my community!" posts it's pretty hard to figure out how to get people interested.

I'll try to do my part to drum up interest, but I'd like to ask that those of you with like minded friends please toss a link to this community in your own LJs. It was pretty sad to realize that there are only a bit more then 20 of us here, meanwhile there are well more then 20 crafty NY-ers on my friends list alone!

If anyone has any suggestions of how to get the word out without spamming other communities to death please do let me know.
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Date:November 8th, 2005 03:30 am (UTC)
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I hope this is the right place to make this request...if it isn't please let me know.

I have been looking for a tunic blouse pattern. It has a standing, mandarin-type collar, long sleeves. It buttons from the left top edge of the collar, across the shoulder and down the left front side of the tunic.

Years and years ago, my mother made this tunic out of 2" quilted squares. It was beautiful. I would like to make something similar.

Any ideas where I may find this pattern?
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Date:November 8th, 2005 04:29 am (UTC)
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Hmm, It's a pretty popular style nowadays and I'm sure I've seen it in most of the major pattern catalogues.

If you are willing to spend a little exta money on the pattern I suggest checking out Folkwear patterns. If you go to their Asian section there are several styles which might fit the bill including the Nepali Blouse, the Chinese Jacket (it sounds like this is what you are looking for), the Honk Kong Cheongsam, and the Vietnamese Ao Dai.
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Date:November 8th, 2005 04:31 am (UTC)
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By the by, the idea of using the quilted squares sounds lovely.
Welcome to the community!
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Date:November 8th, 2005 05:26 am (UTC)
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Thanks! I looked at the site you suggested...close, but no cigar. However, it was very kind of you to reply so quickly. I really liked the Turkish coat pattern in the Caravan section. That may provide a great winter sewing project.

The tunic blouse I am remembering was different in that the buttons were small and ran down the small collar, straight across the left shoulder and down the front side of the tunic, just in from the sleeve line. I think there may have been a pleat in the back, from the center of the yoke to the hem, but I'm not sure. It did have side vents.

If you ever see this pattern, or even a blouse...I would get one and cut my own pattern...try to keep me in mind.